Group Benefits is the term used for the “package” of products that com along with employment at your job. While benefits vary from company to company, the most common products and policies that make up this category are:

Group Medical Insurance: Group Medical is usually the main component of a group benefits plan. Group medical insurance will pay for employees doctors visits, prescription drugs, surgeries, and more. Most plans will even allow the employee’s family members to be afforded coverage as well. In the recent years we have seen the cost of healthcare increase dramatically, and employers may now be able to shed some of these costs by electing to provide their employees with a high-deductible plan. In these policies, the employee is responsible for claims until a certain threshold or deductible is met, and after that dollar amount is reached the insurance company is responsible for paying the remainder of claims in the policy period.

Group Dental Insurance: Group dental insurance is an affordable employee benefit plan that allows an employee and family the ability to receive dental care at the cost of the employer. Elective treatments such as braces will not be covered, but most of the preventative maintenance and medically necessary dental procedures are indeed covered. If you are unsure whether a certain procedure is covered by your insurance company, your dentist can ask for a “predetermination” or “Pre-D” from the insurance company to see whether or not your plan includes coverage.

Group Life & Disability Insurance: As you can imagine, a group life & disability plan is a great perk to offer your employees. A nice part of this coverage is that the death or disability does not need to occur at the workplace for the benefit to be paid. Instead, coverage is just like individual life insurance and disability insurance plans and will follow the employee while not at work. Depending on the size of the group, some insurance companies will offer these products without medical exams. Lastly, some insurance plans will offer employees options to keep coverage active should they leave or be terminated by the employer.

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